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Testosterone Supplement Awards 2020


The Top Rated Testosterone boosting supplement reviews as judged by our expert team and readers. We look at the best 2020 has to offer to date and ONE PRODUCT STOOD OUT FROM THE CROWD. 



Results or lack of, side effects, instant or slow release results?, Nootropic effects, Libido, Stamina, Vitality… Which performed?



Did the results provide a good ROI?, Total monthly cost?, Auto Shipped? PayPal/Credit Card, What did YOU the readers think? Would we recommend?


Nootropic Ingredients

What’s in them?, Long term benefits/effects?, What to avoid, High quality? GMP approval? Does the stack make sense?

Latest Testosterone Supplement Reviews

NITROdrive - 9.8/10

Look Great and Feel Sharp with this Effective Test Enhancer

Prime Male Natural Testosterone Booster - 8.9/10

Should You Take the Red Pill?

Jym Supplement Science's ALPHA JYM - 8.7/10

The T-Enhancing Stack You Need To Get Proper Jacked

Herbal T by Daily Nutra - 8.7/10

A Mild, Natural Formula to Boost Libido & Vitality

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Editors’ T-Boost Quick Picks!

Our editors’ picks for the best supplements for every category

The Best T-Booster We've Tried

Every now and again something special comes along – NITROdrive is one of those supplements. Enhanced libido, greater sex drive, higher energy levels, increased strength when training and everything else in between. NITROdrive’s performance blow us away. Imagine brining back confidence in the bedroom with an increased sex drive, feeling indestructible at the gym, and feeling energized and motivated…

For Better Mood & Confidence

Feel calmer and more confident with the mild, all-natural testosterone supplement, Herbal T. An accumulation of stress can lead to low energy levels and even lower sex drive. If you’ve had more than you can handle on your plate and need something to take the edge off, Herbal T could do the trick just fine with its dose of the ancient, anxiety-reducing ingredient, Ashwagandha. The added bonus?…

For Shredding & Fat Burning

More geared toward body builders looking to change their physiques, Maximum Nutrition’s Thermo Test contains clinically proven ingredients such as Black Pepper Extract that can help speed up your metabolism and burn body fat. Using this supplement, following a strict diet regime and engaging in rigorous gym workouts are likely ways to shortcut the time required to get that ripped, beach ready body.

For Men Aged 50+

Don’t let age define you or your lifestyle. Prime Male’s formula is designed particularly for older men whose testosterone levels are dropping significantly through the years. With Prime Male, you will realize that being 50 doesn’t mean you have to cage the lion within you. Bring back the strength and sex drive you once had in your late 20s with this natural testosterone booster.

For Long Lasting Energy

Coffee doesn’t cut it anymore, does it? Look into the mirror and see a fresher, more energized version of yourself every morning with TestoZan. The product’s potent ingredients can increase testosterone levels and have you feel rejuvenated and with enough energy to deal with any problems that get in the way. Say goodbye to those groggy days and start walking through the…

For HUGE Muscle Gains

If you’re determined to get the best physique you’ve ever had, bring TESTO FUEL along with you through your fitness journey. This supplement is packed with the right vitamins and minerals you need for optimal hormone production and muscle growth. That, along with a dash of DAA (D-Aspartic Acid), will surely help you get rock-hard abs, bigger biceps and a more defined chest…

Trending Reads

NITROdrive vs. True Grit Test Booster – Performance Warriors

Two excellent testosterone supplements battle it out head to head in one of our most exciting feature articles. Find out how these two supplements compare in terms of ingredients, quality, and results! All the while keeping in mind that lower cost doesn’t necessarily mean superior quality and better value.


Team Red: NITROdrive

A breakthrough testosterone boost emulator matrix that promises to effectively boost vitality, energy and sex drive – making you feel invincible.


Team Yellow: Z-Elite

An affordable t-booster that claims to be able to help serious athletes and gym junkies push through the pain and go beyond their limits.

So pitching these two excellent testosterone boosters against each other shed some light on interesting nuances. For one supplement, readers reported feeling more energetic and awake, noted boosted libido and improved erection strength, and spoke of feeling higher levels of motivation and productivity. As for the other supplement, results yielded less favorable performance levels. Interestingly, there’s quite a substantial difference in price, and so perhaps the more expensive of the two is benefiting from the high quality ingredients and proper dosages needed to trigger growth hormone production and increased testosterone. Coming across a good-looking product with an irresistible price tag may tempt you at first, but our team of knowledgeable, passionate supplement experts know that it takes much more to win this game. One of these supplements has brought us unparalleled results with regard to energy, stamina, libido, strength and mood…find out which product had the office roaring in excitement and hungry for more by reading our article.