Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test

Super Test Booster or Super Bad?

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Beast Sports’ Super Test is created for serious athletes and bodybuilders who need extra support to build large muscles and maintain explosive strength. It is also capable of increasing libido, inhibiting estrogen production and detoxing the liver and kidneys. If Beast Sports is serious about their guarantees then they should have in their formula potent, clinically proven ingredients at proper dosages. It’s really a shame when these companies choose the right ingredients but end up under dosing them, resulting in very poor efficacy. We strongly hope that Beast Sports has not made this mistake.

The product is not only suitable for those who already have lower levels of testosterone but also men who simply want to maintain normal testosterone ratios. Is exercising and gaining muscle is of big importance in your life then you may want to keep reading! If based on the final rating above you are not impressed and want to jump straight to our Editors’ top-rated testosterone supplements, then head back to our home page, where there’s a ton of other options to look through.

Taking a closer look at Super Test’s…


Score: 7.8/10

Mechanisms Of Action

Each Super Test capsule comes with a ton of ingredients. Kind of hard to believe how so many ingredients can fit into a tiny capsule, but Beast Sports is one of the most renowned brands in sports nutrition so let’s hope they know what they’re doing. Few of the ingredients that we’d like to talk more about…

  • Whether or not Fenugreek Extract can successfully boost testosterone levels has not been scientifically concluded. In our experience, however, using this supplement can effectively increase energy, muscle power, muscle gain and libido.
  • Tongkat Ali prevents the effects of stress-induced lowered testosterone. Several studies have supported the plant’s function of improving mood and lowering cortisol production.
  • Ashwagandha is a herb that helps balance the cortisol to testosterone ratio. When our body goes through stress, levels of cortisol skyrocket, which leads to lowered testosterone levels. Ashwagandha can help relieve anxiety and keep cortisol production to a low, which in turn promotes increased testosterone.
  • Milk Thistle extract is probably the most well known ingredient for liver and kidney detoxification. It prevents both the kidney and liver from getting congested by repairing damaged cells in the organ. This will lead to a dramatic improvement in your digestive system, potentially better, clearer skin and better overall health.

Score: 7.7/10


  • Week 1: Since the product is specifically designed to improve exercise performance, we took our experiment straight to the gym. 3 other members and I decided that we would exercise at least 4-5 days a week in order to properly evaluate muscle strength and endurance. Throughout week 1, we woke up with higher levels of energy and motivation.
  • Week 2: On average, Super Test took around 30-40 minutes to fully kick in. Once the ingredients do kick in you should feel a slight boost of confidence and strength. We felt great about ourselves for continuing to challenge our bodies to do more.
  • Week 3: Although using Super Test did make us feel extra bold and strong, it didn’t quite increase sex drive or strengthen erections. Since the product does promise to boost libido, we are somewhat disappointed that we didn’t get back that 20-year-old horny feeling.
  • Week 4: After 30 days of supplementing with Super Test and following a strict gym routine (most of which consisted of lifting weights), slight muscle gain was noticed. Two members gained 4 lbs (+/- 1.5) of muscle after eating healthy and continuously working out, which is only a very slight improvement. However, we did feel lighter, more energized and healthier.

Score: 7.6/10

Purchasing Options

Even though it’s possible to get Super Test from Beast Sports’ official site, you can order your bottle for $30 cheaper from The bottle costs $49.92 and will last 45 days.

Score: 7.7/10


Super Test’s ingredients are not guaranteed to increase your testosterone levels. For men out there who have been tested to have significantly lower levels of testosterone, it is advised that you speak with your physician about other options. Super Test is a sport-related supplement that may increase strength, endurance, focus and libido.

Score: 7.7/10

Directions of Use

Beast Sports recommends that you take 4 capsules a day, which can take place over two separate administrations (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon). Since Super Test takes around half an hour to kick in, it may helpful to take your second serving before leaving for gym.

Bottom Line:

Beast Sports has created a very good testosterone-boosting supplement. The formula appears to be overly packed with a whole bunch of different extracts, which we initially thought was going to lead to poor effectiveness. However, using Super Test significantly increased muscle strength and focus at the gym, and made us feel healthier and lighter overall. We did notice more acne popping up towards the end of our use but this is a fairly usual side effect to testosterone supplements. Super Test is an effective product with good value but we have come across better products, which you can read more about here.

Final Score From 7.7/10