Benefits, Dosage, & Side Effects


Does this peculiar mineral remind anyone of Superman’s Kryptonite, only in a different color? If it does, you’ll be glad to know that Boron does the complete opposite of stripping you from your powers. Boron is a trace mineral available across the entire universe; the reason why it’s called a “trace mineral” on Earth, however, is because little vestiges of it are left behind from the supposed Big Bang. Sounds pretty incredible already.

Boron is not a mineral listed under the FDA’s list of Daily Nutritional Requirements, which may give off the impression that this compound has no fundamental necessity of supporting human function and health. That’s misleading. While Boron may not be required for basic human survival, it can certainly enhance certain aspects of human health and performance. Arguably, dietary supplement leaders may have deliberately established Boron’s underrated status in attempt to preserve what very little we have of it.

What we’re certain of knowing is Boron’s exceptional benefits, which ranges from supporting bone health to raising testosterone levels. It has in fact been theorized that the reason why our bodies aren’t as robust and as physically capable as our ancestor’s is because we are naturally consuming less Boron than they were. We obtain Boron primarily from soil, which after all the consistent harsh farming we’ve done over the last centuries, has been completely eradicated from essential minerals.

So what kind of changes should we experience when supplementing with Boron?


boron-1_ingredient-breakdown_top-testosterone-supplementBoron, amongst many other vitamins and minerals, has been shown to support the body’s natural testosterone production process. A 2011 study that reviewed the effects of Boron supplementation outlined its results in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology. [1] The study became the first clinical trial to prove Boron’s efficacy of increasing testosterone levels in human samples. Those who consumed 10g of Boron daily for one week straight had their free testosterone levels raised by a generous 28%. Other studies show Boron’s capacity to re
duce SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which targets free testosterone (‘free’ = usable) and nullifies their function by attaching them together. Decreased SHBG also leads to increased testosterone levels. Men who wish to boost their testosterone levels using a natural supplement would find a lot of luck with Boron because the mineral contains distinctive properties that can do so without harming your body and causing side effects.

Boron is also quite famous for its role of supporting healthy bones. Scientists have tested Boron’s potential effects on patients with Vitamin D deficiency. [2] Why use Vitamin D deficient participants? Less Vitamin D means lowered calcium absorption, which jeopardizes overall bone health. Boron administration was able to raise Vitamin D levels and thus calcium absorption by 24% in only two months.

In addition, Boron provides natural antioxidant protection by adjusting the output of free radicals (toxins) in our body. Supplements with antioxidant properties may effectively maintain overall health and prevent dangerous illnesses.

How It Works

boron-2_ingredient-breakdown_top-testosterone-supplementAs an element, Boron’s chemical structure is quite unique. Studies conducted on the mineral have only started recently (within the last 3 decades) and so our information on the mineral’s mechanisms of action is frankly quite limited.

That being said, there is an abundance of research studies that clearly demonstrate Boron’s benefits and effectiveness.

Scientists speculate that Boron increases free testosterone levels by supporting Vitamin D, Zinc and Magnesium levels in the body – all of which are needed to produce testosterone. As mentioned beforehand, Boron also raises testosterone by inhibiting SHBG release. More testosterone in your system means you get to enjoy increased energy levels, more muscle strength, better mood, sharper mental function and boosted libido.

Recommended Dosage

You consume slight amounts of Boron by eating organic vegetables grown using high quality soil such as tomatoes, avocadoes and more. We would highly recommend that you use a Boron supplement because this would significantly boost your intake of the mineral without forcing you to fork out too much cash. states you can take anywhere from 3-25mg of Boron per day to stay in the safe zone. In our experience, 3-5mg daily is sufficient to support testosterone levels and get all the benefits you’re looking for.

Potential Side Effects

Staying within the range of 3-25mg of Boron a day should lead to any toxicity in most cases. However, states that using over 20mg of a day may lead to fertility issues for men in the long-term. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you stick with lower doses. Again, side effects are rare but may include the following: headache, diarrhea, irritability, etc.

Where to Get It

Boron can be bought for very affordable prices in supplement stores such as GNC. There is of course a much wider variety of brands and formulas if you make your way online i.e.,,, etc. Boron is a great supplement to take itself but the benefits you get to experience amplify much more when you stack it with other t-boosters. Whichever your decision may be, we definitely recommend Boron supplement for stronger muscles, healthier bones, increased energy and raised libido.