Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)

Benefits, Dosage, & Side Effects


EGCG is an extract of Green Tea that can be used to boost both physical and mental performance. It’s a supplement that works great in combination with other testosterone boosters as it supports further fat loss and greater mental clarity. EGCG is appropriate for pretty much any man who is concerned with both his looks and cognitive performance. If you’re older and wish to get rid of that stubborn stomach bulge, EGCG! If you’re a fitness fanatic wanting to shred and gain more muscle definition, EGCG!

As the primary active substance in Green Tea, EGCG has come a long way from being a simple herb with medicinal properties in the olden days to one of the most potent and effective fat-burning compounds in the modern supplement world. EGCG is also rich in antioxidants, which explains why even those who have no interest in losing fat use the supplement to maintain overall wellbeing.

Recent clinical studies have allowed us to understand EGCG’s properties and how the product works to provide all the benefits it can. There is a massive amount of scientific literature available on both EGCG and Green Tea, so you can rest-assured that by supplementing with EGCG, you are consuming something an extremely well-examined and well-tolerated product. Explore the benefits of EGCG and hear what experts in the field have to say about recommended dosages.


epigallocatechin-gallate-egcg-1_top-testosterone-supplementEGCG’s first benefit: it’s believed to be one of the best cancer-preventing supplements. A 2012 study recorded in the Nutrients Journal from MDPI analyses 10 different active substances in tea including EGCG and their impact on human cancer cell growth (including cell structure, cell culture, cell proliferation and cell cycle). [1] The study concluded that out of every tea polyphenol tested, EGCG worked best and most effectively at inhibiting cancer cell growth.

EGCG’s second benefit: It speeds up your body’s natural metabolism and support fat loss. EGCG extract increases fat burn by raising your body’s heat production. When our bodies heat up, for instance from exercise, it begins to burn calories and use up excess energy. As a result, EGCG is a very popular supplement among athletes and gym rats who want to shred stubborn belly fat and achieve their fitness goals faster. When EGCG is paired with testosterone boosters such as D-Aspartic Acid, energy levels spike up, sex drive is enhanced and muscle strength is increased.

Other than that, EGCG may help reduce hair loss and increased prostate size in elderly men (by lowering DHT production), may protect against heart disease and stroke (by improving blood stimulation) and may enhance mental alertness.

How It Works

EGCG has anti-cancer properties because it inhibits the enzyme needed to successfully induce cell growth and complete a cancer cell’s full cell cycle. More specifically, cancer cells depend on a protein known as cyclin D1 for proper growth and duplication. EGCG blocks the action of cyclin D1, therefore supporting cancer cell death. [2] It also supplies antioxidants, which can prevent free radicals and toxins from damaging healthy body cells.epigallocatechin-gallate-egcg-2_top-testosterone-supplement

Since EGCG is packed with antioxidants, it may also be useful in preventing the development of long-term cognitive impairment. Research studies have shown that drinking Green Tea multiple times a day may effectively hinder age-related mental deterioration and promote longevity.

EGCG’s fat-burning activity is caused by the compound’s thermogenic properties, as shown in multiple research studies, such as the one conducted in 1999 and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. [3] The study even claims that EGCG is a much more potent substance when it comes to weight and fat loss, when compared to generic supplements such as caffeine. Another piece of researched reported in the same journal portrayed EGCG as a potentially effective supplement for the prevention of fat-induced illnesses i.e. obesity, heart disease. [4]

Recommended Dosage

Research conducted on EGCG has experimented with many different dosages of the supplement so unfortunately there is no one right answer. It is written on LiveStrong.com that the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends 750 mg daily of pure EGCG extract. [5] For fat-burning purposes specifically, Examine.com recommends 400-500 mg a day. [6] Your best option is to get a supplement stack containing EGCG at a standardized dose. Make sure you follow the recommended dose to prevent side effects.

Potential Side Effects

Side effects may occur if excessive supplementation of EGCG takes place. Since recommended dosages are inconsistent, it becomes difficult to determine which dose works best for your body. Most supplements however maintain their EGCG dose within the safe range (non-toxic), so it is best to follow specific product instructions.

If you consume too much of EGCG and/or react negatively to the supplement, potential side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Alertness
  • Trouble Sleeping

EGCG is not recommended for use by pregnant women or those below the age of 18 years old.

Where to Get It

If you’ve visited your local supplement store and found that EGCG was unavailable, your best chance of getting it is online. The quality of EGCG used varies so you should always buy from a well-known and trusted source.


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