There are thousands of Nootropics similar to Nitrodrive all claiming the same thing, our supplement can increase your stamina and endurance during physical or sexual activity to help you achieve full vitality.

So why is Nitrodrive different?

First of all, it’s from the geniuses behind Nitrovit, a popular nootropic for the brain.

But we can’t help but wonder if this is Project Noo You’s cash cow product as they try to capitalise from their success with Nitrovit.

In this Review I’m going to tell you exactly what Nitrodrive is, what’s in it, where you can get it and obviously we will answer the question can Nitrodrive do everything it claims?

What is Nitrodrive

Nitrodrive is made from a company called Project Noo You.

A company with a compelling and honourable story, as the CEO Archie Marks originaly created the company to help those suffering with ADD and ADHD.

So Nitrovit was the company’s first product, a formula Archie Marks claimed to help him cope with his own ADD problems.

And now the company has multiple products and although they are all good Nitrodrive seems to be really good according to all of it reviews

Nitrodrive takes pride in claiming these benefits:

  • Libido support from the horny goat weed, muira puama root, polupodium vulgare
  • Increased physical energy from maca root, tonka ali root
  • Promotes sexual health from the muira puama root, polypodium vulgare
  • Lowers anxiety from the mucuna pruriens
  • Increased vitality  from the horny goat weed, mucuna pruriens, polypodium vulgare
  • Improves stamina from the horny goat weed, L-arginine HCL, maca root
  • Cognitive enhancer from the panax ginseng root
  •  Athletic performance booster from the tonkat ali root


Project Noo You’s website claims Nitrodrive is on hand to enable you to experience boundless stamina and endurance during physical or sexual activity.

Nitrodrive really does sound like the fountain of youth so many of us having be searching for.

The fountain of youth that is Nitrodrive is also backed by science that Project Noo You proudly shows on their website.

Nitrodrive Review of the ingredients

1. Maca Root Powder 250 mg
2. Mucuna Pruriens Extract 30 mg
3. Polypodium Vulgare Powder 20 mg
4. Tongkat Ali Root Powder 100 mg
5. Saw Palmetto Berry Powder 250 mg
6. Muira Puama Root Powder 30 mg
7. L-Arginine HCL 20 mg
8. Panax Ginseng Root Powder 20 mg
9. Horny Goat Weed 500 mg

Horny Goat Weed

Can the ingredients of Nitrodrive deliver on the companies claims of complete vitality?

Let’s take a quick look at Nitrodrives ingredients.

It’s clear by the websites large section about Horny goat weed that this ingredient is in fact the golden child ingredient of Nitrodrive.

I sometimes fear the name of this ingredient can often detract from the excellence of this plant.

Horny goat weed isn’t just for goats!

This ingredient has the ability to increase sexual desire, improve blood circulation and boost energy.

Icariin is the active ingredient in horny goat weed, which studies have shown its ability to enhance libido and improve sexual function in both men and women.

This causes horny goat weed to have an aphrodisiac effect because Icariin can inhibit an enzyme called Phosphodiesterase type 5 which blocks dilation of arteries in smooth muscle cells which are concentrated in erogenous zones.

Which include the Clitoris on women and the penis on men.

It is also thought that the increased blood flow is what improves stamina and endurance in both physical and sexual activities.

As we are all aware the more blood, we have circulating in our bodies means the more oxygen we receive.


Horny goat weed flower

Maca Root

We also couldn’t help but notice the addition of Maca root an ancient plant that has exploded in popularity.

Any seasoned nootropic users will be familiar with this ingredient and frankly quite happy to see its addition.

Maca root is a plant that has been used as traditional medicine for years as it is believed to enhance fertility, sex drive and improve your stamina and energy.

This ingredient has similar benefits to Horny goat weed so it’s encouraging to see Nitrodrive has a clear objective of giving you energy in the bedroom, whilst exercising and in day to day life.


Maca root


Muira Puama Root Powder

We also wanted to quickly highlight the addition of Muira puama an ingredient that is believed to help again increase sexual desire but also help with joint pains.

I know first-hand as an older gentleman that reoccurring joint pains are something that seems to sap all my energy from me and makes me feel old.

So, I couldn’t be happier about seeing Muira Puama in Nitrodrive.

But equally I have to moan about its very low dosage and I worry the effects will be over shadowed by the ingredients with high dosages.

However, I think Archie Marks the creator is actually looking out for us the users because there is minimal research on the effects and more importantly the side effects and at 30mg we shouldn’t feel any possible undiscovered side effects.


Muira puama flower


Nitrodrive Dosage instructions

You should take 2 capsules daily to support physical health and wellbeing this can be before breakfast and after dinner.

Or even before work and after work.

But you will want to avoid taking a capsule later in the evening as the increased energy can disturb your sleep.

However, take 3-4 capsules 45 minutes before intimacy or physical activity like a workout and this is fine on top of your daily 2 capsules.

It is also advised to pair Nitrodrive with 2 Nitroamp capsules for the optimum sex drive that is bound to keep your partner happy.

No breaks from Nitrodrive required, they can be consumed continuously every day if you want.


Nitrodrive Effects: Are the ingredients really backed by science?

Nitrodrive claims its ingredients are backed by science but as I explained previously Muira Puama hasn’t been studied enough to conclusively determine anything.

But the main ingredients like Horny goat weed and Maca root have seen extensive studies into their effects.

So, we are willing to agree that a lot of what is in Nitrodrive is in fact backed by science.

For example, the golden child Horny goat weed was studied in 2008.

With the study showing that a compound in the herb stops the effects of a particular enzyme that restricts blood flow to the penis.

Allowing blood to flow to your penis and become hard.

This is why this herb is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Horny goat weed also has the ability to increase sexual desire and boost your energy.

Nitrodrive claims to bring its users boundless stamina and endurance and looking at its clearly thought out formula which obviously includes Horny goat weed.

We have no reason to not believe it can back up its claim.

But we all know what should work on paper doesn’t always end up working.

So, I had to try this fountain of youth for myself.


Nitrodrive Review: My experience

For me Nitrodrive was a must try as soon as I knew it was from the makers of Nitrovit.

Plus, like all of Project Noo You products it comes with a 1 year guarantee.

So, if Nitrodrive isn’t as excellent as its popular parent product I could get my money back.

This Nootropic couldn’t have come along at a better time.

I’m currently struggling at work I think the long days and hard work are finally catching up to me, I’m exhausted.

So almost naturally my sex drive has all but disappeared and although my wife wouldn’t ever say anything, I know she’s becoming unhappy.


Man sat at the end of the bed upset


So Nitrodrive was a welcomed review as I needed just what it promises to provide, energy, stamina, endurance and sex drive.

At 39.97 it’s not cheap, but with a year’s money back guarantee it felt like a smart purchase.

I also paired Nitrodrive with Nitroamp like advised for a greater sex drive.

My first day using Nitrodrive started well I took one capsule before breakfast and in 15 minutes like it says on the bottle, I was full of energy I believed I would never see again.

Importantly throughout the day I kept the energy and didn’t have a massive sex drive.

I wasn’t lusting over my colleagues!

Later I took the second capsule before dinner to wake myself up after work and I felt great.

Then later in the evening I wanted to become intimate with my wife after weeks of no intimacy so I took 4 Nitrodrive capsules and 2 Nitroamp.

45 minutes later me and my wife was intimate and it felt great, my stamina felt good and I had new found endurance.

I think finally in a long time my partner was happy!

However, taking the capsules so late meant I had too much energy to sleep at the time I would normally so I went to bed a bit later.

Sadly, I saw that becoming a problem as the only time me and my partner have the time to be intimate is later in the evening.

But the next day I woke up and felt great even with the later night.

I continued throughout the week and my energy got gradually greater and I also would only take 3 Nitrodrives before intimacy in the evenings and that meant my sex drive was still high but I could also sleep soon after.

And when I started sleeping earlier the following week each day that went by I was slapping the snooze button less and less.

By the time my alarm went off late week 2 I was getting up with my alarm ready for the day.

The snooze button after 4 years was no longer being used, I was taking back my days and my weekends.

Something I needed when I was younger and an entrepreneur, I needed that extra hour a day and Nitrodrive would have given me that.

I felt amazing each and every day using Nitrodrive and I know my partner thought I was amazing too as our intimacy was on another level.

Overall, I have to say Nitrodrive is brilliant like its parent product Nitrovit, only complaint try avoid using Nitrodrive any later that 10.


Nitrodrive Review of the Side effects

The main side effect for Nitrodrive as a whole is dependency, I could imagine it would be easy for someone to become dependent on the energy Nitrodrive delivers.

But anyone who is sensible this really isn’t an issue.

As for potential side effects caused by individual ingredients there are a few like any Nootropic.

With large amount of Horny goat weed potential side effects include dizziness, dry mouth and thirst but it is believed Horny goat weed is safe to take for up to 2 years by mouth.

So, by including breaks within 2 years should mean you miss these possible side effects.

But of course, if you have any medical conditions check the label and if you’re unsure if its suitable for you, I would contact the company.


Where to buy Nitrodrive

The best place to purchase Nitrodrive from is their official website Project Noo You, because it’s not sold anywhere else.

So, anyone claiming to sell it is trying to deceive you.

Purchasing is quick and easy and you have a generous one-year guarantee.

They have the 30-day bottle that will last you a month with 60 capsules for $39.97.

Also, a 3-month pack and a year pack.

The 3-month pack is probably the sensible option as 3 months is long enough to realise if it works or not and if after the 3 months it doesn’t send it back.


Final verdict from our Nitrodrive Review

An amazing continuation from the popular Nitrovit, a great energy, libido and sex drive boosting Nootropic!

We recommend after our own Nitrodrive Review.