Oyster Extract

Benefits, Dosage, & Side Effects


If you’ve ever heard the advice “never order oysters on a first date,” you know it’s because this particular saltwater clam is known as the world’s ultimate aphrodisiac. While eating the food may be able to spark up some sexy, romantic heat, using a purified Oyster extract supplement comes with many more benefits.

Oyster Extract is packed with tons of different minerals, but the main player of the game is undoubtedly Zinc. Not only does Zinc support sexual health, it also plays a role in maintaining a well-functioning immune system, a steady production of energy and the assembling of amino acids and proteins. Since Zinc is so essential towards our health, there are evident and measurable signs of Zinc deficiency including diarrhea, immune system weakness, worsened mental performance, acne and even hair loss.

Since Oyster Extract greatly affects Zinc, it is strongly correlated with testosterone production, which is the real reason why you’re here today! Steady Oyster Extract supplementation has been linked with increased testosterone levels, elevated sex drive and superior muscle strength.

Through this informative article, we hope you will learn the following things: Oyster Extract’s main benefits, how Oyster Extract works, whether there have been tangible clinical studies conducted on the ingredient, how effective Oyster Extract is compared to other testosterone boosters and if it’s an absolute must-have.


oyster-extract-1_ingredient-breakdown_top-testosterone-supplementAlthough you understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in daily exercise, your lifestyle and other obligations simply make it impossible for you to be fully committed to taking care of your body’s needs all the time. But choosing to prioritize things other than your health will inevitably take a toll for the worse; if not now then in then in a few years. Specifically when your body is deficient from important minerals, symptoms slowly begin to creep up and you’re left in utter bewilderment as to why your health is deteriorating. You’re noticing more acne, you constantly feel fatigue, you don’t have the motivation or mental clarity to be productive, you get sick a lot, and your sex life has gone down the drain – all signs of essential vitamin and mineral deficiency.

If you’d like to make sure that your body is getting all the right minerals it needs at precise amounts, Oyster Extract is one of the best offers available. It naturally contains 59 different elements that your body needs to maintain steady function at exactly the right doses and ratios. [1] Amazing, right? It’s nature-made, after all. So without even going into any of the Oyster Extract’s more unique benefits, we can already tell just how great this supplement is at supporting overall health.

Oyster Extract administration has been shown to correlate with better skin, enhanced sperm motility, lowered cholesterol levels, lowered chances of heart disease, lowered chances of cancer development, and more.

Moreover, there’s been a considerable amount of established evidence available displaying Oyster Extract’s effects on testosterone levels in men. As mentioned herein, Oyster Extract supports Zinc production, which is absolutely crucial for the production of testosterone. Oyster Extract can thus increase muscle strength, muscle endurance, physical stamina, and support fat loss.

Users of Oyster Extract have also reported feeling amplified sex drive and improved sexual performance. For this reason, Oyster Extract is a popular supplement of choice for those who wish to enhance sexual health.

How It Works

oyster-extract-2_ingredient-breakdown_top-testosterone-supplementOyster Extract does most of its work by supplying the body with a steady dose of essential minerals.

For example, lowered Zinc and Magnesium leads to decreased testosterone levels, which can be the cause of poor sex drive and fatigue. Oyster Extract promotes balanced mineral levels in the body so that symptoms such as lowered libido no longer exist.

Oyster Extract may also be a useful supplement for athletes who are inclined to have muscle soreness and fatigue post-exercise. Oyster Extract provides the body with tons of different amino acids needed to enhance muscle recovery and strength. This was shown in a 2015 study printed in the Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Engineering, which concluded that Oyster Extract powder supplementation significantly reduces fatigue. [2]

Recommended Dosage

Stick to the recommended dosage stated on the instructions section of your product. Most companies suggest 500 mg of Oyster Extract per day, which can be accompanied with Zinc and Magnesium supplements as well.

Potential Side Effects

Those who are allergic to seafood and shellfish should prevent Oyster Extract supplement consumption. Other than the allergy concern, there are no serious side effects related to Oyster Extract. The thing you want to make sure of doing is sticking to the product’s recommended dosage to prevent over-supplementation and excessive mineral intake.

Where to Get It

Many different supplement companies sell their own, patented version of the ingredient, so we suggest researching online for the best one. We would also recommend learning more about the supplement company that you’re buying from to ensure that they’re reliable, use high quality ingredients and create their products in a GMP-certified laboratory. Oyster Extract delivers natural minerals and vitamins into our bodies, supports overall health and increases testosterone production – what more could you ask for?


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