Prime Male Natural Testosterone Booster

Should You Take The Red Pill?

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Prime Male is a testosterone booster that’s famous for its “Take The Red Pill…” slogan. Our group has taken a closer look at the product and are finally ready to share with you guys whether Prime Male is worth your buck.

Men who look for testosterone boosters are those such as yourself, who crave the energy, confidence and sex drive they once had in their 20s. Testosterone boosters, if they consist of the right ingredients at the right dosages, may be able to help you gain benefits such as increased strength, higher libido, sharper mental function, better mood and support lean muscle growth.

During our hunt for the best testosterone booster, we want to find something that works quickly and safely, so that you can feel the results and experience a change for the better in your life. But we’ve come to realize that only a very select few of t-boosters are actually able to bring benefits.

We can already tell that Prime Male will be a good product and that’s because their formula looks clean and the company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. Have we set our hopes too high? Or will Prime Male be the kickass t-booster we’ve been searching for all this time?

Taking a closer look at Prime Male’s…


D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC) 1,600mg
BioPerine 10mg
Boron 5mg
Korean Red Ginseng 120mg
Luteolin 60mg
Magnesium 100mg
Mucuna Pruriens extract 300mg
Nettle root extract 160mg
Vitamin B6 7.5mg
Vitamin D3 5000IU
Vitamin K2 45mcg
Zinc 30mg

Score: 8.9/10

Mechanisms Of Action

A lot of testosterone booster manufacturers do this annoying thing where they stuff their capsules with unneeded fillers or an overwhelming amount of vitamins. Don’t get us wrong, including some vitamins in a t-booster may actually amplify the effects of other ingredients and thus lead to better, longer-lasting results. But if you see a t-booster that has more than 6-10 vitamins, put it back on the shelf because you would essentially be wasting your money for a regular multivitamin.

Prime Male thankfully doesn’t have this problem. The vitamins in Prime Male (Vitamin B6, D3 and K2) are actually relevant to testosterone levels and may help to increase the amount of testosterone available in the body. Here’s how:

  • Vitamin B6 enters the body and binds to androgen receptors, which then communicate with your testicles to release more testosterone.
  • Vitamin D3 improves mood, increases overall energy and may promote higher testosterone production. That’s because D3 is secretly a hormone.
  • Vitamin K2 may potentially work to boost test levels if used with Vitamin D3.

If you’re wondering whether these vitamins can actually boost test levels significantly, think about it this way – when was the last time you heard about a famous athlete who got caught injecting vitamins in the locker room? That’s right, never. There is some research showing the promising benefits of Vitamin B6, D3 and K2 in increasing testosterone levels but if these nutrients were really that great, there would’ve been more hype about them in the fitness industry…hype that would’ve reached your gym by now.

Prime Male’s other ingredients are pretty familiar players in the game. Increases in testosterone levels can take place through various ways but the most well known manner is by increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) and by inhibiting estrogen production. How do Prime Male’s highlight ingredients work?

  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC) works the same way most t-boosters do. It first increases the release of luteinizing hormone (LH). LH then signals the testicles to produce more testosterone. DAA is by far the only supplement in the entire world that’s been shown to work in humans to increase testosterone levels. According to, one research study revealed that 2-3 g of DAA increased testosterone levels in men by 40% after 2 weeks.
  • Luteolin is another very common t-booster that functions by inhibiting estrogen release. Estrogen, also known as the “female hormone”, is present in little amounts in the male body. When androgens are converted into estrogen, we are left with lower t-levels. Luteolin prevents this from happening by stopping the enzyme aromatase, which is needed for the production of estrogen in the first place. Again, while the research on Luteolin is promising and well documented, the ingredient is not as effective at boosting testosterone as something like DAA.

So the explanations above should give you a pretty good idea of Prime Male’s formula and effectiveness. But before moving on we do want to spend a little of bit of time discussing what the deal is with these red pills. So red colored capsules are somewhat common in the supplement industry but you’ll notice that most capsules are either clear or white because color dyes have been associated with negative side effects. The redness of these capsules come from a certified color called Red Dye 40. The FDA does require supplement companies that use the dye on their capsules to list it on the product label, as it does raise several potential health hazards. Some people have been found to be allergic to Red Dye 40 without previously knowing so and the American Department of Health & Human Services thinks that Red Dye 40 is likely to be a cancer-causing substance. So even though these red pills may seem very cool at first, they sure as heck wouldn’t be if they were harming your health.

Score: 9.0/10


A company can create a great-looking product, have amazing marketing skills and sell at a competitive price, but if their formula doesn’t perform then it’s all a complete waste.

We tested Prime Male for 3 weeks and here’s what happened…

  • Week 1: Our team came to the agreement that the formula does work pretty well to promote higher energy levels and stronger sex drive for a couple of days. A guy who has been married to his wife for over 12 years has had such low libido to a point where his entire relationship was compromised. Although using Prime Male didn’t make him feel like his 25-year-old self, it did slightly boost his energy and libido during 2 days of the week.
  • Week 2: We look for testosterone boosters that are able to provide a youthful boost of energy. In other words, we pretty much just want to be able to feel a little younger, sharper and more confident. I especially am not looking for a super explosive energy booster, like the kind you get from pre workouts or energy shots. Prime Male thankfully was able to deliver exactly what we were looking for. It didn’t turn us into overly-caffeinated fitness junkies eager to tear it up at the gym, but it did give us a bounce back in our step. We felt lighter and more active at work, which in turn did make us more motivated and productive.
  • Week 3: We must’ve built some kind of tolerance because we weren’t really seeing the same results by the end of week 3. I definitely didn’t get that same gradual lift of energy, which was disappointing because it did make me feel better about myself throughout week 2.

Score: 9.4/10

Purchasing Options

Prime Male’s formula is good but it’s certainly not the best we’ve seen. How could it be improved? Well, our favorite t-booster of all time, UpLift blends both testosterone boosting ingredients and powerful nootropics to optimize both the body and mind. With a product like UpLift, you no longer need to feel like your moment has passed. You can definitely bring that lion back by experiencing higher mental clarity, lowered anxiety, better performance in the bedroom, and increased energy.

Also, we truly don’t see the point of using Red Dye 40 as a colorant in the capsules. Although the substance is not confirmed to have high levels of toxicity, it has been shown to cause allergic reactions in humans and reduced reproductive success in rats.

Score: 8.8/10


You should take 1 capsule of Prime Male 4 times a day with a meal or light snack. A sample timetable could be: 8AM, 11AM, 2PM, 5PM; but any time with 3-hour gaps would work. Since it’s quite demanding to have to take a product 4 times a day, we suggest that you set a reminder on your phone or watch to ensure proper dosage.

Score: 8.3/10

Directions of Use

While you use Alpha JYM, you are definitely encouraged to stay active and keep your body fit. Not only will this be beneficial for your physical and mental state but it will also help you notice the development of results. In fact, if you don’t push yourself to do rigorous exercise while using a strong, muscle-building t-booster such as Alpha JYM, you could potentially see unwanted effects such as aggressive behavior and an increase in body weight without muscle buildup.

On days when you do exercise, you are recommended to take 1 serving (3 capsules) half an hour before your workout. You should then take another serving (3 capsules) afterwards.

On days when you don’t exercise, you should take 1 serving twice a day with a meal. This could be once with breakfast (3 capsules) and another time with lunch (3 capsules).

We’re not very fond of multiple capsule servings. Let’s be honest here – if you had the option of being able to take only 1 capsule for the same results, you would pick it.

Bottom Line:

We are very happy with Prime Male and wouldn’t mind recommending it to our readers but it’s not your one-cure-fits-all product. In our experience, Prime Male may be able to improve your performance in bed and ensure that your energy levels don’t drop dramatically for the first few days of use. However, the product does use the Red Dye 40 colorant, which some predict to be a human carcinogen.

We want you to have the best of the best, which is why we keep recommending UpLift – an effective testosterone boost emulator blend that can give you better focus, more clarity, increased sexual stamina and more physical strength in just weeks. Don’t miss out on getting back that 20-year-old energy, sex drive and mindset with UpLift.

Final Score From 8.9/10