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TestoZan - 8.9/10

Look Great and Feel Sharp with this Effective Test Enhancer

Prime Male Natural Testosterone Booster - 8.9/10

Should You Take the Red Pill?

Jym Supplement Science's ALPHA JYM - 8.7/10

The T-Enhancing Stack You Need To Get Proper Jacked

Herbal T by Daily Nutra - 8.7/10

A Mild, Natural Formula to Boost Libido & Vitality

Top Testosterone Supplement Reviews

Read in full-detail our analyses and reports on the hottest supplements around!

TestoZan Review


TestoZan Look Great And Feel Sharp With This Effective Test Enhancer Bottle Image The perfect testosterone-boosting supplement is one that not only can make you look good but also feel great. TestoZan caught our attention because its claims stand out from the rest of...

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Herbal T by Daily Nutra Review


Herbal T by Daily Nutra A Mild, Natural Formula To Boost Libido & Vitality Bottle Image Truth be told, the perfect testosterone booster doesn’t exist. However, if you look closely enough, there may just be the perfect testosterone booster in the market for you....

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Monster T by UniScience Group Review


Monster T by UniScience Group Just How Good Is This Doctor-Formulated Testosterone Booster? Bottle Image Are you looking for a safe doctor-formulated supplement that can naturally raise your testosterone levels? Monster T may be the product for you. Its formula has...

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Test X180 ALPHA by Force Factor Review


Test X180 ALPHA by Force Factor Will This ‘Unique’ Test Booster Successfully Transform Into An Alpha Male? Bottle Image Hoping to wake up one day to more energy, a stronger body, and a youthful attitude? You can start your journey to achieve all that by supplementing...

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TEST FREAK by PHARMA FREAK Go Hard or Go Home With This Muscle Building Test Stimulator Bottle Image First thing that we need to get out of the way – this supplement is designed for super serious athletes who are hoping to get massive muscle gains and an...

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TestRX Review


TestRX For Men Aged 45+ Who Want To Gain Back Their “Youthful Mojo” Box Image As we reach our late 30s, 40s and 50s, we begin to notice a gradual decline in our energy levels, overall physical strength, ability to exercise robustly and sex drive. These instances may...

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Six Star Testosterone Booster by MuscleTech Review


Six Star Testosterone Booster by MuscleTech Raised Testosterone Levels In Only 7 Days? Hit or Miss? Bottle Image Designed by the makers of MuscleTech, Six Star Testosterone Booster is designed to increase your T-Count naturally so that you can excel and become the...

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Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test Review


Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test Super Test Booster or Super Bad? Bottle Image Beast Sports’ Super Test is created for serious athletes and bodybuilders who need extra support to build large muscles and maintain explosive strength. It is also capable of increasing...

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Maximum Nutrition Thermo Test Review


Maximum Nutrition Thermo Test Is This Test Booster As “Hardcore” As It Claims To Be? Bottle Image Thermo Test claims that their formula can reduce estrogen and increase testosterone levels, therefore leading to increased muscle gain, fat burn and energy. If this is...

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True GRIT Test Booster Review


True GRIT Test Booster A Cheaper Option For Serious Athletes On A Tight Budget Bottle Image True GRIT’s Test Booster made some excellent first impressions. Their website is sleek and super well done, their bottle looks so cool you won’t shy away from showing it off to...

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EVLTEST by EVLUTION NUTRITION 2-In-1 T-Booster And Sleep Support To Cut Fat & Get Massive Gains Bottle Image Test boosters that double up as sleep aid supplements are actually becoming quite popular in the market. They may sound strange at first because t-boosters...

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Testo Fuel Anabolic Support Complex Review


Testo Fuel Anabolic Support Complex Can This Natural T-Booster Really Help You Pack On The Muscle? Bottle Image What is Testo Fuel? Well, the manufacturers of the product describe it as an “exhaustively researched muscle building supplement with one very focused...

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Prime Male Natural Testosterone Booster Review


Prime Male Natural Testosterone Booster Should You Take The Red Pill? Bottle Image Prime Male is a testosterone booster that’s famous for its “Take The Red Pill…” slogan. Our group has taken a closer look at the product and are finally ready to share with you guys...

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JYM Supplement Science’s Alpha JYM Review


JYM Supplement Science’s Alpha JYM The Testosterone Booster That Separates The Men From The Boys Bottle Image Dr. Jim Stoppani, founder of JYM Supplement Science is a respectable and well-known man who has got both the smarts and the gains. More specifically, he has a...

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ANIMAL Stak by Universal Nutrition Review


ANIMAL Stak by Universal Nutrition The T-Enhancing Stack You Need To Get Proper Jacked Bottle Image Men of any age need to maintain high levels of testosterone in order to get lean muscle growth, maintain endurance, feel energized and have good sex drive. And for most...

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Editor’s Quick Picks!

Our editors’ picks for the best supplements for every category

For HUGE Muscle Gains

If you’re determined to get the best physique you’ve ever had, bring TESTO FUEL along with you through your fitness journey. This supplement is packed with the right vitamins and minerals you need for optimal hormone production and muscle growth. That, along with a dash of DAA (D-Aspartic Acid), will surely help you get rock-hard abs, bigger biceps and a more defined chest. Tear it at the gym with TESTO FUEL!

For Better Mood & Confidence

Feel calmer and more confident with the mild, all-natural testosterone supplement, Herbal T. An accumulation of stress can lead to low energy levels and even lower sex drive. If you’ve had more than you can handle on your plate and need something to take the edge off, Herbal T could do the trick just fine with its dose of the ancient, anxiety-reducing ingredient, Ashwagandha. The added bonus? We even experienced better performance in the bedroom.

For Shredding & Fat Burning

So you want to cut fat and start shredding fast? Maximum Nutrition’s Thermo Test contains clinically proven ingredients such as Black Pepper Extract that can help speed up your metabolism and burn body fat. Using this supplement, following a strict diet regime and engaging in rigorous gym workouts are surefire ways to get that ripped, firm body in no time.

For Men Aged 50+

Don’t let age define you or your lifestyle. Prime Male’s formula is designed particularly for older men whose testosterone levels are dropping significantly through the years. With Prime Male, you will realize that being 50 doesn’t mean you have to cage the lion within you. Bring back the strength and sex drive you once had in your late 20s with this natural testosterone booster.

For Long Lasting Energy

Coffee doesn’t cut it anymore, does it? Look into the mirror and see a fresher, more energized version of yourself every morning with TestoZan. The product’s potent ingredients can increase testosterone levels and have you feel rejuvenated and with enough energy to deal with any problems that get in the way. Say goodbye to those groggy, zombie-like days and start walking through the office with lots of confidence and a contagious smile.

For Energy, Libido, Strength & More

Master of none, but a jack of all trades – NITROdrive is the way to go if you want enhanced libido, greater mood, higher energy levels, increased strength and everything else in between. The friends at the office were more than impressed with NITROdrive performance – imagine experiencing sensations like never before in the bedroom, feeling indestructible at the gym, and having a more positive, motivated mood. Try this product if you’re prepared to be wowed on all ends!

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